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We are expert car detailers and committed to offering protective coatings for everyday vehicles to sports and luxury vehicles. Our team is all about attention to detail and there’s nothing like a comprehensive service from one of our expert OPTIX detailers to get your vehicle protected and looking spotless and showroom-fresh.


What is Glass Coating  ?

1. Wax: A protective coating usually made from natural carnauba wax and polymers that provides a deep, reflective shine. Usually lasts 6-8 weeks.

2. Sealant: A completely synthetic blend of polymers that provides long-lasting paint protection and shine. Usually lasts 5-6 months.

3. Glass Coating: Liquid glass ( Silica Glass – Siloxane – SiO2 ) is a clear liquid which hardens on contact with the air, this solid membrane provides a durable high gloss protection. Usually lasting up to 3 years, in some cases up to 5 years. Expecting 10 years is not realistic and just because a product can last for a million years doesn’t mean that it will look good.

Forget about wax and regular paint sealants!

Our glass coating range


OP888 is a hard coating and lasts up to 3 years that can be used for mobile detailers or DIY with some cautions. OP888 creates the tightest plump water beads that has a shine that compares to all the best waxes in the world. OP888 is also suited and recommended for factory matte finishes. For the best results it is best applied by a trained experienced detailer that offers on going support like our OPTIX partners. Why a trained professional? because smears and “dark patching” common in all SiO2 applications can occur. For OP888 to work above and beyond all expectations trained professionals apply 3 coats. Each coat is applied then allowed to flash off and set to a solid state which is very important. Once a solid state we perform a check and rectify any areas of “dark patching” which is coating that is not level and not blended properly. Once we are certain that the first coat is correct we start the process all over again for the 2nd and 3rd coats. In between each coat we will apply the multiple coats to your wheels if you have opted for it in the same way. For best results wheels should be removed and treated off the vehicle. Once the body and wheels are done we now start coating a single layer into your door shuts and give the vehicle a final exterior detail.



OPTIX OP1 is our most popular & flagship coating. OP1 is a softer coating than OP888 and is flexible when compared to OP888.  OP1 increases the colour saturation and contrast of what ever colour OP1 is applied to. OP1 has a wetter gloss than OP888 and lasts up to 5 years. OP1 is also better suited to PPF because of its flexible nature. Application of OP1 should only be installed in house and best left over night with final checks the next day. OP1 is best cured in house using infrared lamps. OP1 comes with a one year warranty held by the OPTIX partner that is installing the product.



OP-D is not yet released for more information please contact us.


Aftercare for our coatings?

Yes OPTIX has a range of aftercare products that we make, bottle and label in our workshop in Canning Vale Western Australia and therefore you are supporting Australian made products. Example Des buys the bottles from a locally owned business in Perth, the stickers and graphic design is all sourced locally, this means you are supporting a few family businesses in Australia.

The main aftercare product you will need is OPTIX FINAL BOOST and or OPTIX NANO spray sealant.



OPTIX FINAL BOOST offers a truly deep shine & instant protection after washing. FINAL BOOST adds a very thin layer of hydrophobic water proofing type protectant that is water based. FINAL BOOST also adds more self cleaning effect to the existing coating.

Directions; Wet application. On a cool clean wet surface spray 1 to 5 sprays per panel then rinse with water and then dry the vehicle with a micro fibre drying towel.

Dry application. On a clean dry surface spray onto a cool surface and wipe with a micro fibre cloth immediately. You can spray directly onto your micro fibre cloth to apply.


Our Speciality

How Optix Polish Performs Above The Rest

Why your car needs crystal glass coating protection?

The primary purpose of OPTIX glass coating is to act as a sacrificial barrier coating over the surface of your car’s paint. Any time anything comes into contact with your car’s paint, before it can cause any damage to the paint, it first has to get past the layers of glass coating. When your car’s paint is under attack, the layer of glass coating sacrifices itself before hitting the paint.

OPTIX quartz silica glass is an inorganic glass liquid and has is crystal clear, solidifies on contact with air to encase your car in hard glass. Superior protection against UV rays, chemicals, pollution, bird droppings, paint fading, dirt, dust etc.

Stop Waxing, Start Coating Protecting!

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